Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm Actually Going To See The Northeast...

...for the first time in my life. Of course, I'll be seeing it with my internal speedometer set on "blur", as I'll be flying in Tuesday night and flying out Friday morning.

I'm headed to Boston, MA, to officiate over Charles & Natalie's wedding. (Yes, the word "officiate" makes it sound like I should be wearing black & white and carrying a yellow flag in my pocket.) The wedding (primarily for financial reasons) is on Thursday night. (Not the weirdest time I've done a wedding - my favorite was in Nashville, when I did a wedding for Iggy & Chelley at 7 am on a Friday morning down by the lake. One of the official photographers from the U2 "Pop" Tour was the wedding photographer.)

On Friday, I'm flying into New Orleans, where I'll meet my nephew William so we can attend the last 3 days of Gulf Games. It's going to be a great chance to hang out with friends I haven't seen in 2+ years as well as play a hecka lot of board games and get some hang time with my nephew. (This trip is his 16th birthday present!)

Anyway, I won't be blogging this week. You kids have fun and I'll see you on the other side with stories from Cambridge "Our Fair City" Mass, Gulf Games, and the overheated swamp that is New Orleans.


Anonymous said...

There is no way that William is 16. I don't believe it.

Bigger than Me said...

Have a blast, Mark! I'll be praying for your journey, and the marriage you get to be the first to bless!