Thursday, September 01, 2005

Every Once In A While...

...I get reminded of why I'm a Southern Baptist.

Still not proud of our history (for those who don't know, the Southern Baptist Convention was started primarily by those supporting slavery), still not proud of our yearly bouts of goofiness (like the Disney boycott)... but there are some things we do right.

And disaster relief is one of them. By this weekend, SBC Disaster Relief teams will be feeding 300,000 people a day (wow!) in response to Katrina. For more on this, you can check out the story over at the
North American Misson Board's site.

As well, if you want to donate to hurricane relief, one of the coolest things about donating through NAMB is that 100% of the money goes to disaster relief, as the administrative expenses are already being taken care of SBC churches. You can use this link
right here.

I know a lot of folks who read this blog aren't believers... and even fewer of you are Southern Baptists. If you choose not to give through my denomination, that's no sweat off my back. Just choose to give in a way that can make a difference.

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