Friday, December 16, 2005

The Lion & The Monkey

Short Version:
  • Monkey beats Lion.
Longer Version:
  • Monkey is better than it's source material.
  • Lion is good, but NOT better than it's source material.
Final Thoughts:
  • I'm glad more people will be aware of Narnia, but the movie (Lion, Witch & The Wardrobe) was good but not great. (For an excellent analysis/argument about the film, check out this discussion.)
  • OTOH, though a bit long, Kong is substantially better than the 1933 movie it is based upon... and makes the 1976 version look like a bad TV movie.


Anonymous said...

How could Narnia be better than its source material? But all of the aside, what did you, personally, not like about it? I thought it was fantastic.

Scott Rushing said...

hmmmm...everyone else liked Monkey better than me.

I hope to like Lion, but can't imagine it being better than source material. I'll find out later this week...