Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Once upon a time (December of 2004), I was on a podcast entitled GeekSpeak... Derk & Aldie (the guys who run, own & otherwise have responsibility for the most comprehensive boardgaming site on the Net, BoardGameGeek) interviewed me for over 2 hours about, well, just about everything. (If you're interested, you can check it out the mp3 of our conversation, which includes not only some good gaming talk but also a bit of spiritual insight & commentary.)

Anyhoo... fast forward 18 months to Monday of this week, when BoardGameSpeak began recording again... this time with a panel of regular guests & a tighter (in English: shorter!) format. And I'm one of the panelists (along with Ward Batty & Doug Garrett).

The first show out of the gate is all about the new Klaus Teuber game, Elasund: The First City, which is, IMHO, "Catan for people who don't mind conflict." You can download it from the Geek or subscribe to "boardgamespeak" on iTunes.

Feedback is appreciated... as well as suggestions for show topics. (I'm not promising we'll do your suggested show - but you can always click your heels three times & make a wish!)

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