Monday, June 12, 2006

Lost In Germany

Just finished watching the US get schooled by the Czech Republic in their first World Cup game for 2006.

Ouch. 3-0. Here's hoping our next game goes a bit better than this.

OTOH, the Sweden v. Trinidad/Tobago tied game on Saturday was amazing... Sweden took it as a loss while T/T, with the 2nd string goalie & a man down for nearly 1/2 the game due to a red card ejection, took it as a win. (Also nice to see Germany strut their stuff in the opening game.)

Interesting side note: I'm watching the most of the games on Univision, as we don't have cable/satellite here. (Hey, we live in a valley where the reception is great for local channels... and I don't need to fight/struggle with all the poop that exists on satellite TV - see this post and this one too for more explanation why.)

So, as you can probably guess, I'm not understanding much (read: any) of the commentary and/or play-by-play with the exception of the word "Gol!" which is pretty universal. (I can also figure out the cerveza = beer from the ads, but that's not much use to me.) Still, it's incredible soccer - these guys play at such a high level.

And I find myself with a hankering for Mexican food.

(BTW: the title is a tip o' the hat to Kings X & zionred.)


Anonymous said...

The Simpsons and a tribute to the most boring sport ever:

Scott Rushing said...

The Saudi Arabia-Tunisia game and German-Poland game were two of the most exciting finishes for soccer matches that I have ever witnessed. I was initially shocked to see 2 goals scored in the last 10 minutes of that first game, and even more surprised to see Germany score during stoppage time of that match. So THIS is why the rest of the world stops to watch these matches...

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I think most sports are boring to watch. Mark can attest to that. So, don't take it personally. Still, the Simpsons cloip is pretty hilarious.