Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Game Expert For Hire: Have Dice, Will Travel

I just posted to the forums over on BoardGameGeek about an important recent development in my life - and I figured you guys might be interested.

I've been working for Klutz Press as a consultant on a new edition of their board games book - pretty cool, huh?!

Here's what the post says:

Klutz Press (yeah, the people who taught me how to juggle) is working on a new edition of The Book of Classic Board Games, originally published in 1991, and they've asked me to advise them. The original book contained instructions for 15 classic board games, the boards to play them on, 64 markers (32 black and 32 white), and dice. Sid Sackson helped select the games for the first edition... yes, I'm a bit humbled to be following in his footsteps.

For the new edition, the editor at Klutz is looking for games that will work for kids as young as 7, but also be interesting for adults. The trim size of the book is 10"X10", so the games have to be able to work on a small board. The original book was entirely abstract strategy games, and they are looking to include other sorts of games in this edition.

The original book was all classic, non-proprietary games. In this edition, they are considering the possibility of licensing some games. Klutz plans to add to the components included in the original book—but ideally any components that they add will be used in more than one game.

Here's where you guys come in... any suggestions for games that fit these parameters (small game board, limited components) and that you'd like to see available in a very portable form?

If you're interested in joining the conversation, just throw your reply on this thread at the Geek.

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Keith Monaghan said...

That's fantastic, Mark! Congratulations!