Monday, May 07, 2007

If Everyone Jumped Off A Cliff

I wrote this on Thursday morning at Ethos (the last part of the Origins Experience)... it sums up my experience very nicely.

"All of the cool kids are doing it" -- could be a come-on for illicit substances ("first one's free!")... unfortunately, it's the knee-jerk "conference" response. And I hear it echo in my heart: "I want to be as cool as Mosaic."

But when I slow down & talk to You, Jesus, what I really want is to be as contextualized as Mosaic. I want to be who I am, who I was created to be... and to be radically effective in changing lives. I feell like I'm spinning my wheels in so many ways... and I want to stop.

Jesus, I wan to enjoy gaming without it owning me. I want to be a bit more organized. I want to eat & live in a healthier way, both for my family & for my ministry.

I want to be bold -- asking to pray for others, sharing the truth, not obsessed with finding simple fixes for people's lives and/or the challenges of church leadership.

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