Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stumbling, Thanks to Firefox

I feel like a traitor.

A little history to explain:
  • When I first connected with the Internet, I did so through CompuServe, back when the whole "World Wide Web" wasn't so worldwide & the folks at CompuServe primarily channeled you through their glorified BBS systems... and then, attempting to stem the tide, finally let users onto Usenet.
  • My first real browser, when I graduated to actually using a browser, was Netscape Navigator, which I dearly loved. But when we changed from OS7 to, well, whatever we changed to, Netscape was pretty unstable in the new enviroment, leading me to...
  • ...sell out to the Dark Side of the Force and begin using Internet Explorer. (The less said about this blighted period in my life, the better.)
  • With our most recent computer upgrade, I had access to OSX and Apple's own browser, Safari - which I used (mostly) happily...
  • ...until I visited my folks earlier this month and got to try out Firefox on my mom's Mac G5. The features were roughly comparable to Safari - but the thing that got me to turn traitor was that Blogspot (who host all of the blogs I write) supports Firefox & only has a patchwork editor in Safari.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.

The other thing that Firefox has given me is StumbleUpon, a weird little Web-cruising add-on that recommends sites based on your preferences. I've found some interesting things I'll be sharing you, starting with this picture with this post - Shari & I both laughed so hard at this we nearly cried. (Picture found at


Anonymous said...

That's going on our fridge. Nice.


Anonymous said...

i've been using Firefox for quite a while now. I like it a lot. There are a few drawbacks to it, but I still like it overall.

Scott Rushing said...

Love that picture. And I love my firefox as well.