Monday, June 01, 2015

#23: Expedition (Mark's 100 - 2014)


Mark's Ranking
  • 2014: 23rd
  • 2012: 47th
  • 2010: 19th
  • 2005: 8th
  • appeared on all four lists
  • rank: 1014
  • rating: 6.90
Print Status
  • back in print!
Why It's On The List
  • I love the expedition mechanic at the heart of the game. There's nothing quite like it... (well, this isn't altogether true - but look in the Extras for more on that.)
Tips & Tricks:
    • Hadn't thought about this until now, but three games on my top 100 list (Rum & PiratesAround the World in 80 Days and Expedition) all share a similar mechanic - a relatively scarce currency that aids you in game play and must be managed carefully.
    • Watch the number of arrows left in each expedition - other players can run them out to keep you from certain sections of the board.
    • There are a variety of options in how loops work - we like the "place anywhere on the loop" one - but you should give them all a try.
    • While the game will work with 2-6 players, it's best with 2-3.
    • The designer (Wolfgang Kramer) actually revised his classic Ravensburger game (Wildlife Adventure) which became Expedition - and then he gave it a big tweak and turned it into a children's game (Schatzsucher). Sadly, I haven't played either of  them..
    • There were some rules changes for National Geographic Expedition edition - I only played once but I didn't like them. Frustratingly, I don't remember what I didn't like!
    • There is a new version of Expedition entitled Expedition: Famous Explorers... I have not had the opportunity to play it - but that's the picture at the top of this post!
    • Here's what I wrote about Expedition for The One Hundred

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