Friday, January 28, 2022

Mark's Top 100 Games is Back + Honorable Mentions

Starting THIS Monday morning, January 31st, I'll be using this blog to share one game per day in nearly 4 month countdown of my top 100 games as of early 2022. The last time I did this was in 2020... and I only did 50 games. So, you're getting double the value for your blogging dollar this year.

Yes, I'm likely to do some posts on games that I receive/purchase after today (since I've already got the list built)... I know I've got some Kickstarter games fulfilling that are likely to end up on this list in the future.

I also have some games that just missed the cut of the top 100 - I'm not going to write about them in any detail, but I wanted to make sure you see them as on a different day with me in a different mood, all of them could have ended up on this list. (They are listed in alphabetical order - not preference order.)

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