Friday, February 04, 2022

#96: Entdecker (Mark's Top 100 2022)


    • rank: 3,025
    • rating: 6.4
    • published: 1996 
    Print Status
    • out of print
    Why It's On The List
    • First, I need to note that I'm talking about the original Goldsieber edition of Entdecker, not the mess that Klaus Teuber created when he attempted to create a more gamer-friendly version for Kosmos/Mayfair. My beloved original game is a family-friendly exploration game with beautiful components and a board that develops in different ways each time you play.
    Tips & Tricks:
      • In most games, cash is pretty tight - it can be useful to "lay off" for a turn (place one tile, place one scout) in order to save some money to make a big play in a future turn..
      • The event tiles are roughly 50% good / 50% bad... you don't need to count tiles, but it's good to know if a bunch of the good stuff comes out early so you can avoid taking them (and vice versa).
      • My specific problems with aforementioned (or, more accurately, aforemocked) Entdecker: Exploring New Horizons: the hut system, the preset mountains on the board, and the increased building costs from the various edges.
      • There are a number of home-grown variants out there for Entdecker: the Manu variant was my favorite for a long time... though that's been eclipsed by Mark Johnson's mash-up of the best of the two games. Both are available in a very nice pdf file compiled by Shawn Low.
      • Klaus Teuber also created a small box spin-off game (Oceania) which I enjoyed but not enough to keep from trading it away. As well, there are 2 other "Entdecker" games (and a promised but never published 3rd game) that I really like - but you'll hear more about those farther down in my list.
      • Here's what I wrote about Entdecker for The One Hundred.
      • This is the second of seven (7!) Klaus Teuber game designs that will appear on this countdown. 


      Daniel Brown said...

      5 more by Klaus Teuber! That makes me want to guess which ones and where they fall on the list. Here I go and we will see how I do:

      #20 Settlers of Catan (Or Catan as the kids call it)
      #25 Im Reich der Wüstensöhne
      #44 Anno 1701: Das Brettspiel
      #70 Anno 1503
      #85 Löwenherz (I think you are not in the Domaine camp)

      Most of this I pulled from your past top 100s but what stands out is I have not played most of these. I played Domaine and Catan but rest I have only read about on BGG.

      Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

      Your numbers are off... but you got 4 out of 5.

      And we've got a couple of games to play when we finally get a weekend together!

      Daniel Brown said...

      At this rate it is going to be a very long weekend :)

      Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

      I'm up for that! :-)