Tuesday, April 26, 2022

#15: Dungeonquest (Mark's Top 100 2022)

  • rank: 1,818
  • rating: 6.7
  • published: 1985
Print Status
  • out of print... in all three editions
Why It's On The List
  • I have always described this game as "similar to playing Dungeons & Dragons with a DM who hates your guts" - it's a short (no more than an hour...and often shorter!), brutal & intensely fun experience game/dungeon crawl.
Tips & Tricks:
  • While I appreciate what Fantasy Flight did in reprinting Dungeonquest, I wasn't a fan of the goofy combat system they loaded onto it or the seriousness they added to the proceedings by transporting the game into their Terrinoth universe. (Part of the charm of Dungeonquest is the off-beat dark humor - which I attribute to the unique blend of Swedish designer & British publisher.)
  • That said, I have not played the Revised Edition reprint... which has better buzz than the earlier version.
  • If you manage to track down a copy of the original game + the two expansions, consider yourself incredibly lucky. It took me nearly 8 years to find the expansions - and even then I had to replace some of the missing miniatures from the used copy I bought.
  • The FFG edition includes some of the expansion stuff - so if you can find that at a reasonable price, it's still a good deal. (But look on BGG for alternate ways to do combat that don't slow the game down.)
  • We have a house rule... you can't win by simply surviving (running in a couple of spaces & running right back out). You must find SOMETHING of value - and no, a potentially poisonous healing "potion" does not count.
  • Do not under any circumstances (a) get too attached to your character, or (b) take the game too seriously. It's just a rousing chance to roll dice, fight monsters & generally find creative new ways to die.
  • I still have trouble believing that I haven't written more about Dungeonquest. I will have to remedy that... someday.
  • Queen Games has a new dungeon game coming from designer Dan Glimne that (according to the KS) "captures the same system [Drakborgen aka Dungeonquest] which is designed to kill players in a shorter, dice game format." Yep, sounds like a spiritual heir to Dungeonquest.

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