Monday, May 09, 2005

So, Exactly What Do They Want?

Dr. Allen Troxler (aka Brainman) is possibly the coolest teacher/pastor dude on the planet. And he has a keen eye for the absurd, which leads me to his e-mail of last week...

As you know, I'm searching for ministry jobs right now. I just found a site called and was skimming through the job postings in Virginia. I found this posting; see if you spot the problem:

Pastor, teacher in Christian School

Valley Road Baptist

Front Royal, Virgina

Job Description: Pastor, evangelize, help with the school.

Very small church with school.

Also has a non-prophet organization with it.

When I took one of those spiritual gifts tests in high school, I found out that the gift of "prophecy" was my top score. Does that mean I shouldn't apply here?

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