Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Five & Dime 2005: Dimes (10+ Played Games)

Ticket To Ride26.26%51.82%newnew
San Juan16.67%41.82%newnew
For Sale15.15%2.73%3.95%4.62%
Geschenkt/No Merci14.65%newnewnew
Lost Cities12.63%10.00%13.16%13.85%
Puerto Rico12.12%20.00%35.53%47.69%
Memoir '4411.11%10.00%newnew
St Petersburg9.60%32.73%newnew
Power Grid8.08%10.91%0.00%0.00%
Ticket To Ride: Europe8.08%newnewnew
10 Days/Europa Tour7.07%15.45%13.16%new
Liar's Dice7.07%10.00%21.05%24.62%
Settlers of Catan7.07%10.91%15.79%23.08%
Take 6/Category 57.07%9.09%5.26%12.31%
Zirkus Flohcati7.07%4.55%13.16%3.08%
The top three games on the Dime list are the exact same games as last year - even in the same order!

But where did For Sale come from?! It didn't even appear on this list last year. Obviously, the English release gave it a new lease on life at gaming tables around the nation.

Attika, Alhambra, Bang! & Street Soccer all dropped off the table from last year.

I'm not even going to try and predict what will happen to Take 6 or Zirkus Flohcati - the two of them have been flirting with the edge of this list for a couple of years.

I don't think Diamant or Geschenkt will hold their same level of popularity... but it would surprise me if either of them completely disappeared from the Top 20 Dimes. (Yes, if you count, you'll realize there are more than 20 listed... that's because a number of games tied for 20th place.)

Settlers is fading even more from the rabidly played status it once enjoyed... will it fall off this list?! Hmmm... I dunno. My guess is "no", but I'm a fan of Settlers.

The other big question: can Ticket To Ride hold it's position? History says "no" - take a look at the other 900 lb gorilla, Puerto Rico - but it will not drop out of the top ten.


Donna said...

Hey, Pastor Guy, I don't remember the game passion from when I knew you back at Baylor. But that was, it's true, 20 years ago. (!!)

It's always sad when I contact someone from back then and they don't quite remember me. But if you don't quite, I'll get over it. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi.

(Just to help jog the memory: Kandy was my good friend and roommated, I had a big "secret" crush on someone who was (like us) an English major & is now a minor opera star, and one Saturday afternoon you and I went to see *Breakfast Club.*

I also saw your old website with pics of your wife and older son--congrats on the great-looking family!

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...


Prepare for sadness... I have strong memories of seeing The Breakfast Club (esp. the quote from David Bowie at the beginning of it), I was an English major, etc. But "Kandy" doesn't ring any bells, and the only Dona I remember has one "N" in her name.

Thanks for the nice words about my family - we're even better looking now! :-)

Donna said...

Goodness, I thought everyone remembered Kandy! Oh well. Did you have a roommate named David (who played tennis)?

I don't know why I feel compelled to try to job the ol' memory, but, now that I've begun, why stop? ;-)

Donna said...

Make that "jog" the memory. Yeah, I teach English.