Monday, January 16, 2006

Nuns With Guns

Thanks to Kevin Hendricks at Church Marketing Sucks, I saw this wonderful postcard... I still grin every time I see the image. I love it that these guys are trying to figure out ways past the "it's a church blah blah blah" barrier that keeps people from giving authentic Biblical community a legitimate chance in their lives.

Which reminds me of a story... when I was pastoring the church @ hickory hollow in Nashville, TN, we got a lot of interesting reactions to coffeehouse worship vibe. (It's really fun to watch diehard Southern Baptists try to wrap their brains around black curtains, candles, multiple screens, a pastor in cut-off shorts carrying around a diet Coke can & prodigious amounts of coffee in a worship service.)

But the best reaction was from the teenage daughter of one of our regular attenders. She came to the church @ hickory hollow somewhat begrudgingly... her mom & dad were divorced, and this was just part of spending the weekend with dad. Getting in the car that day after the worship service, her dad asked her what she thought of the experience.

"Well, this church sucks less than any other church we've been to."

From a youth, this is high praise. We jokingly considered putting it in our advertising: "We suck less than any church in Nashville."


One of Freedom said...

Cool. A fellow pastor who games and who likes stretching the paradigm. You are my kind of people. :)

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

One, anybody who links The Dice Tower, The Ooze & Homestar Runner from their can't be all bad... or maybe they are, but we won't get into that here, right?!

Of course, you scored major points with me for your support of George Hunter's The Celtic Way of Evangelism, which ought to be required reading for pastors.

Game on, pastor dude!

One of Freedom said...

I wrote a paper on Celtic Evangelism a ways back. Hunter is really a much more graceful version of John Finney's _Recovering the Past: Celtic and Roman Mission_, I agree every pastor should have to read that one. It was the book that let me know it was alright to be me. Are you aware of the Christian Gamers Guild? Just wondering.

Game on!