Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cassettecasting & Other Not-So-High-Tech Adventures

First, thanks to all of you who said nice things about sex. (Not much of a stretch, eh?!) Actually, thanks to all of you who gave me positive feedback about the things yours truly said about sex.

Second, I'd love to podcast my sermons - but when our current system only allows us to record to cassette tape, it's a little bit difficult to pull off. (Heck, I just got a computer - thanks, Mom & Dad! - that actually allows me to burn CD-R's... this, for me, is technological innovation at it's finest. Remember, I'm the guy who kind of misses the "ka-chunk" noise you used to hear when moving between tracks on an 8-track player.)

Third, I do hope to be podcasting NewLife's stuff by the end of the year. (If anyone has extra equipment lying around that would enable us to do it quicker, the church would be more than happy to accept any donations.)

Fourth, yes, I will post my comments & thoughts about lust, pornography and masturbation here next week after the service. Honestly, I'm still debating on how to deal with the "M word" in our worship service... it's really an important component in talking about the self-centered nature of porn, but it's a tough concept for people to deal with in a mature manner:
  • Older adults tend to have a small herd of cows, stunned that anyone would talk about this in "polite company."
  • Youth tend to go all Beavis & Butthead... "he he - he said 'masturbation' - he he."
  • Everybody else is spends their time staring at their shoes and trying to not to imagine the conversation they're going to have at lunch following this service.
Seriously... it needs to be dealt with. Does it need to be dealt with this Sunday morning? Like I said, I'm not sure I have the answer yet. But God & I are talking about it.

A lot.


keithmonaghan said...

Sex talk aside, if your computer is a Mac--and I suspect it is--recording a podcast is easy. But you probably know this. An even easier option would be something like the open source app Audacity. Free. Mutli-OS. Simple.

You should be able to just plug into the line-in jack on your computer and click record. Maybe.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to hearing your sermons

pregador27 said...

If you have a Putrid Computer (PC) and not a Mac, (sorry) you can pick up a device and software at Circuit City that will allow you to easily record tapes onto your computer (like an MP3 file). I recently used a PC to do this with sometapes I had form an old band. I then uploaded them to a myspace band page so absolutely nobody could listen to them. Wll, somebody could theoretically, but I don't expect much. :)

It was really easy. Now I have a PowerBook (Mac) and I intend to figure out how to record. I will read the link keithmonaghan left you above.

keithmonaghan said...


Here's a video tutorial on the Apple site that explains podcast recording better than the link above.

GarageBand - QuickTour

Hope this helps!