Sunday, April 16, 2006

Once Again, the Gathering Blues

Last year, I moaned and groaned about missing the Gathering of Friends. I'd really kind of thought I'd avoid all that this year - but then I sat last night and began reading through Rick Thornquist's excellent day-by-day coverage of the Gathering over on Boardgame News.

But rather than cry on y'all's virtual shoulder, I thought I'd let you know my impressions of a few of the brand spankin' new stuff that premiered this last week - well, specifically, the ones that sound interesting to me.
  • Hart an der Grenze - Here's where it's fun to have two different gaming groups (well, a gaming group & a Bible study group that likes to play games): games that don't work with one group often work with another group.This one about smuggling illegal goods across the border comes complete with little tin suitcases. I hear the nifty bits calling my name.
  • Zig-Zag - ooooo, more real-time goodness. I love real-time games. (For those of you who aren't gamers, real-time games are game where all the players play at the same time with no turn order.)
  • Nacht der Magier - A dexterity game that can be played in the dark?! How cool is that?
  • Crash Test Bunnies - Too bad this was just a prototype... sigh. (Check out the pictures here.)
  • Um Krone & Kragen - I already I know that I like this one - it's a very nice dice game. Pat Korner's mini-description as "Yahtzee: the Gathering" is spot on. This is everything Michael Schacht's Knights should have been.)
  • Carrousel - Another speed game... way to go, Asmodee!
  • Battle Beyond Space - Why does this incredible game not have a publisher?! (Check out the pictures of the prototype here.)
  • B&O - The Alan Moon prototype for a new version of Union Pacific... as much as I love UP, I can't wait to see what he does next.
And I missed the Game Show - run by my buddy, Dave Arnott. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Have a hanky Mark, and go ahead and cry. I'll be crying right along with you!

At least I didn't spend any time moping around because I wasn't there at the Gathering. We had a lovely, long game day at my house on Saturday. Our group Adam Spielt order has just arrived today and I'll soon be playing a few of those shiny new games. Still.........sniff

-Susan Rozmiarek

Anonymous said...


You'll definitely enjoy Hart in der Grenze (with the right crowd, as you note) and Nacht der Magier (which I now expect to win SdJ). And Crash Test Bunnies was great. Oh, and you should try Cherubim - the theme's tacked on, but it's a good game as well as a good cause...