Thursday, October 12, 2006


I've been a big fan of Richard Borg's Command & Colors series of "lite" wargames since the release of Battle Cry from Hasbro/Avalon Hill back in 2000. Battle Cry allowed you to recreate portions of Civil War battles using plastic miniatures (yes, those of you non-gamers out there, like plastic army men) & a command system based on cards. Games are quick (30-45 minutes) and filled with tension & fun.

My nephew, William, became a fan as well... and we often played 5+ games in a row!

In 2004, Days of Wonder released Memoir '44, which took the same basic system and moved it into World War 2. With the release of a number of expansions, you can now recreate battles in the European & Pacific theaters of war... as well as playing the game with multiple players, thanks to the Overlord rules that allow you to put two sets together for monster battles.

And then, just a few months ago, word began to leak out that something new was coming... called Battlelore.

Battlelore not only sounds like a genius of a concept (taking the Command & Colors system and putting it in a fantasy setting), but it's being done by a company whose history for producing stunningly beautiful games is unmatched. (Yeah - Days of Wonder! No, they didn't pay me for that...)

On top of that, the link above is to the Battlelore blog, where they are slowly but surely building excitement as they release more & more details about the game. (Release date is late November, at this point.)

Look, my life is plenty busy - you guys may have noticed that I haven't been blogging nearly as much. But I'm saving up time & money to jump headfirst into this one... 6-7 weeks to go! :-)

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Anonymous said...

I laughed at what you said on Doug Garrett's podcast about Days of Wonder just sticking a vacuum cleaner nozzle into your wallet. So true! We might as well write Days of Wonder a blank check, too, 'cuz we are going to have to have every single expansion. So pathetic! :-)