Sunday, December 17, 2006

Asleep on the... Hershey Bar?

So, Shari & I were Christmas shopping on Friday and stopped into a local Christian bookstore which had a pretty massive display of Nativity sets. While I paid for our merchandise, Shari wandered over and looked through the selection.

She called me over to show me what I'm showing you here, thanks to the magic of the Internet - a S'mores Nativity. Yes, that's right, the Christ Child & his parents are rendered as marshmallows standing on graham crackers with a hunk of chocolate interposed.

I was, to say the least, stunned. I mumbled & laughed as we left the store, telling Shari that was going to blog about my "abject horror" at the sight of this. (That's me, all right: never use a simple word when you can sound like you're trying to rewrite your thesis. Sigh.) Of course, since I took a long pause as I began to say "abject" (evidently my brain was still reeling from the cinammon stick stable), Shari thought was going to "blog my a__ off" about this, which... well, you be the judge.

So, these are the thoughts running through my head:
  • I'm not sure it's blasphemous... but I'm pretty sure it's in poor taste. (Taste - he he. I made a pun. A bad pun, but a pun nonetheless.)
  • Why does Mary look like a badly made snowman?
  • In the words of Homer Simpson, "Mmmmm... Jesus."
As an antidote, I think I'll watch A Charlie Brown Christmas again with Braeden... good grief. (I may need to watch it four or five times.)


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Anonymous said...

Mary looks like a snowman because this is a derivative of the "S'Mores Snowman" ornaments that I've seen for a few years now.

There's an example available for sale on this website, but I can't put a photo in a comment.

Anonymous said...

Shari always did have a better way with words than you.


Scott Rushing said...

I can't decide if this is in "bad taste" or not...guess I'm in a good mood today. :)