Monday, January 22, 2007

Five Streams

I read a number of different blogs about the emerging church... but I've always had a great deal of trouble explaining what the heck I'm talking about to folks with more traditional church backgrounds. (Heck, I even tried to explain a bit about this on my NewLife @ Night blog with only marginal success.)

So when I read recommendations by three different bloggers (
Tall Skinny Kiwi, Vintage Faith, and Reformissionary) that I trust & enjoy urging me to read Scot McKnight's Christianity Today article, "Five Streams of the Emerging Church", I virtually hot-footed over & printed myself a copy.

And now I want to recommend it to you, my faithful readers, in the strongest possible terms. Dr. McKnight manages to capture both my excitement & my fears about emerging church, clearly & thoughtfully skewering stereotypes and delineating the real nature of this movement inside the Christian church. Simply put, he does a better job of explaining "emergent" than I've ever managed to do.

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