Monday, June 11, 2007


This is not just a problem for businesses creating widgets... I've been around too many churches that live here, as well.

In fact, I wonder how many churches over the past 20 years declared their allegiance to the 7 Step Strategy or the 5 Purposes or the Emerging Conversation... and still do things pretty much the same way covered up with a thick layer of denial & bluster?


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Anonymous said...

Oh how true Dilbert can be. I understand the need for strategy on more than one level. How to make it through the day vs. How to grow this business/ church into a thriving and healthy organization. But as Dilbert points out having a strategy on paper and actually applying that strategy are sometimes disconnected things.

I have found often in my life that I do exactly as Dilbert is being told to do. I go back and adjust my project to make it look like it is part of my strategy. Most of the times I have done this in my life I have ended up with more problems than benifits from the project because it does not fit the Goal and Purpose of my business.

However, I know about this church that has a purpose of making a "God sized dent" and most everything I see done out of it stays withiin that purpose. Small Groups, Children's Ministry, and even weight watchers seem to grasp the purpose of affecting the community of Easton for Christ.

Mark, thanks for not losing focus of the purpose at New Life.