Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pseudo Gulf Games

Fresno, CA, isn't near any gulf that I know of - heck, the largest body of water near our home is an irrigation canal - but that didn't stop the Jackson family from enjoying a wonderful weekend visit from the Vander Ark clan. They were roughly 1 week into their month-long "family adventure" when they arrived on Saturday evening (and if you'd like to check out more details, along with some great pictures, you can take a gander at their Road Trip 2007 blog.)

David (and his family) & I first met at Gulf Games Nashville in the summer of 2001. We've kept in touch since then, and they have become not only gaming buddies but good friends. I can't express enough how much his support over the last 9 months has meant to me.

So, when I get to hang out with Dave, Theresa (his wife), and the kids, I'm one happy camper. As were my boys - Braeden skipped a birthday party with a friend to play with Sam & Bryce, and Collin was loving on all of them before they left like he was losing a family member.

They got to experience a "full" Sunday at NewLife Community Church as well - complete with Sunday School, Sunday morning worship, and Cool Summer Nights.

Lots of game playing went on as well - this comes as no surprise to anyone who knows our families. Here's the highlights:

  • That's Life! - we played with the Verflixxt nochmal expansion, which I think is a lot of fun. I'm not sure the extra player pieces are necessary, but Flixxy & the worms are both nice additions.
  • Das Faultier - the first of two games of this sloth anti-racing game this weekend, great fun was had by all (and I won!)
  • Halli Galli - Allison begged to play this... this is the one time we let her.
  • Twitch - I taught Allison & the boys this oddball speed game from WOTC... and Sam edged me out at the end for the win. Well done!
  • Giro Galoppo - This is one of the hidden gems of gaming... it LOOKS like a kids game (and works just fine that way) but can be played with lots of doublethink & meanness by older kids & adults.
  • Das Faultier - a 2nd game to teach Dave the joys of sloth-sleep!
  • Emerald - Braeden managed to pull out a win against Dave & I... sigh.
  • Gulo Gulo - Allison & I went head to head (I lost) in this dexterity game
  • Wallamoppi - OTOH, I beat Allison at this other dexterity game.
  • Ticket to Ride: USA - my first chance to play with 1910 cards (we played the Mega version) and I loved it... even if Dave beat us
  • Die Siedler von Catan: Das Würfelspiel - a simple dice game that I really like for 2-3 players... I still want to try the "advanced" scoring system that Teuber posted on his website. (Yes, the word "Catan" is there because it's based in the Settlers world.) I beat Dave by building three cities.
  • Coolympics - weird dexterity game that Frank Branham recommended to me... too tough for kids (and most adults)!
  • Magical Maze - now called Goblin's Gold, this is a maze game with a hidden maze that you navigate via a magnetic figure... pretty nifty
  • Niagara - we played with both Diamond Joe & the Spirits expansion... Braeden won this game as well against Allison, Dave & myself
  • Mamma Mia! - Allison requested this... and I did REALLY well. Man, I don't get to play this one nearly as much as I like.
  • Rabatz auf dem Riesenrad - Teuber kid's game with great components...
  • Tier auf Tier - even Collin (my 2 yr old) got to play this bit-o-licious animal stacking game
  • Goldener Drache - very cool racing game from Wolfgang Riedesser (the same guy who did Ave Caesar), complete with dragon's tail tile racks!
  • Schildi Schildkröte - I didn't get to play this Haba gem with the rolling turtles, but the point was for Dave & my boys to play... Nick & Braeden won the 111th Turtle Olympics
  • Kiki Ricky - Ravensburger silliness (essentially a King of the Mtn dice game with an egg-throwing chicken to knock you back) that's been a hit with every kid who's played it - Sam won.


  • Heroscape: I'll Dance On Your Grave is the scenario we played (probably the best 1 master set 4 player scenario I know - it's a 6 round free-for-all.) Each of us had 300 pt teams: Nick had Deadeye Dan & a passle of Vipers, Sam had the Marcus, Roman soldiers & archers, and Guilty McCreach, I had Sir Dedrick, the Knights, Cormac & the Vikings, and Braeden had Deathwalker 8000, Krug & the Deathreavers (aka "pesky metal dogs"). Sam was wiped out late in round 5, yet Braeden survived the death of both big guys and played a pivotal role with the Deathreavers. After all the fighting, Sam & I ended the battle trying to kill each other - Sir Dedrick vs Marcus. Final score: Mark 100, Sam 100, Braeden 40, Nick zero. (And a great time was had by all!)

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