Tuesday, September 16, 2014

aka Puzzler

While the weekly Car Talk Puzzler is not my favorite part of listening to Car Talk (that would be the hilarious driver instruction advice they give), they did inspire this "welcome back to blogging" post that you are now enjoying.

So, the Jackson family just returned from vacation - let's see if you can figure out where we went from the following three pictures! (Those who already know the answer should keep mum and let other people play the game.)

Put your answer (guess) in the comments & I'll let you know the winner(s) later this week.


Stephen said...

Acknowledging that I am not a robot.
Butterfly World?

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

No... but you did correctly identify that it was a butterfly. :-)

Unknown said...

It looks like our nation's capital.

Unknown said...

the fountain looks familiar

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Impressive - my Twitter audience needed a couple of more picture clues to get there (including a quote from the FDR Memorial and the light installation between the main & east buildings of the National Gallery of Art.

The pictures above are from:

butterfly: National Museum of Natural History (inside their live butterfly exhibit)

Collin in red: International Spy Museum (this is in the elevator as you enter... the museum is very cool but a bit pricey)

duck on fountain: National Sculpture Garden (you can see the National Archives in the background)

Congratulations, Jeremy!

Unknown said...

I came to post when I found out and I think you've already answered, but I'm not peeking. We went on a family vacation this summer and stopped at the National Botanic (not botanical) garden, spy museum, and fountains just north of the naval plaza. Is this right? (Now I'll go peek)

Unknown said...

OK. Missed the butterfly.