Monday, October 06, 2014

My Top 100 Games: Once More With Feeling

It's been a couple of years since I made a list of my top 100 games... so it's time for me to update it.

This time around, I've used a new process to rank the games:

  • Since I rate pretty every game/expansion I play on BGG (here's a link to my collection), I chose to download all of those games I rated 7 or better. That gave me a list of 1001 games & expansions.
    • After removing all of the expansions, I was left with 665 games.
  • I "shuffled" the games and began pitting one game against another...
    • "Which of these games do I want to play more?"
  • That created two piles:
    • like
    • not as much
  • I then shuffled the 'not as much' pile and pitted those games against each other, putting the positive response games into the 'like' pile and creating a new 'not so much' pile.
    • When finished, I once again shuffled the 'not so much' pile and ran the process one final time.
    • The games that ended up in the final 'not so much' are dropped from the system...
  • And then it starts all over again...
It took 15 runs through this system to narrow the list down to 100 games. From that point on, each round worked down to 2-3 games to be "dropped" - of course, they dropped into a position on my top 100 games list!

Here are the parameters:
  • Unlike previous top 100 lists, this DID include what I lovingly call "kid games". (If you're interested in kid games, my Kid Games 100 would be some great reading material.)
  • It's not the "best games ever made" - it's my list of the one hundred games I most enjoy playing right now.
  • With that said, there's a lot of flex in the list. Don't invest too much in any individual ranking - if I'd sorted the list on a different day, many of them could be in a different order.
You are welcome - no, encouraged! - to comment, kibitz and/or vehemently disagree... that's part of the fun! #100 will show up tomorrow!

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