Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Christian Imitation

This post originally appeared on the amazing website/blog, Church Marketing Sucks, which should be mandatory reading for anyone in church leadership.

Have you ever seen a "got pepsi?" T-shirt? No.

Do you know why? Because Pepsi—and any other company and organization worth their salt—is smart enough to come up with something original. They don't "borrow" ideas from other campaigns and insert their own name. They don't make look-alike logos.

Once in a great while they may spoof another company's commercial or tag line, but usually only the very clever can pull it off.

So why does the church constantly imitate what's already been done?

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Anonymous said...

Go to a CBA convention if you haven't already (I was subjected to five, count 'em, five). Then you'll really be reachin' for the Pepto.