Monday, August 22, 2005

Enter Church History Man

Scott Rushing tells a great story on his blog, Theology Journal, that you need to read. (No offense, Scottster, but you could possibly pick name for your blog that screams "Don't Read Me!" any louder?) Anyway, Scott talks about a bet between his sisters, which leads to a familiar story for those of us who got caught in the Great Evangelical Culture Debate (otherwise known as "sacred vs. secular").
So what happened over the past decade? Well, I discovered that this issue is not so black and white. Family Christian bookstore is not the "end all be all" of "Christian" music. Not only are there "Christian" artists who produce trash, there are "secular" artists who produce high quality music; both musically and lyrically.
Scott's take on all this is gracious, funny, & wise. (And, yes, Scott, I'm saying all these nice things about you where you can read 'em.) Click on the link above to read the whole story. I'll weigh in later in the week with my own story and Stephen Lawhead-influenced take on the whole subject.

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Scott Rushing said...

Hmmm, that would be funny. I could rename the blog "Don't Read Me". Gonna have to chew on that for a second...

looking forward to hearing your story on this subject.