Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gulf Games 18: Louisville

Over the next week or so, I'll be blogging my way through my Gulf Games experience on a day by day (inadvertent Godspell reference) & game by game basis. For now, let me just fill you in on the highlights:
  • Gulf Games started early for Joe Huber & I as we winged our way across the U.S. playing 2 player games
  • some less-than-stellar behavior by ground personnel at Chicago O'Hare added substantially to our travel time
  • Ted doesn't snore nearly as bad as he thinks he does (thanks again to Ted for allowing me to be his roomie)
  • I got to play a lot of new (or, at least, new to me) games (sample: Thurn & Taxis, the SdJ winner for 2006)
  • I got to play a lot of games I really like (sample: Around the World In 80 Days)
  • I got to play games with a lot of people (78 - enough for me to win the Mr. Friendly contest again)
  • then there were the "special" events, like the Allied revenge for last year's drubbing by the Axis in Memoir '44: Overlord... or the great game of Descent: Journeys in the Dark we played on Friday morning with Lug (Kevin R), The Old Man (Greg S), The Human Bomb (Kyle B) and "You Go First!" (Alan Moon)
  • and the nightly sports gaming, courtesy of The Weather Channel's Warren Madden: two games of Pizza Box Football (I lost both of those) and two games of Dynasty League Baseball (1-1)
  • I made the finals of the Liar's Dice tourney... again. (Have I won? Did I win this time? Read the blog, people!)
  • I enjoyed officiating my Dice Box of Mystery competition... congrats to David Vander Ark, who walked away with the win over the two other finalists, Craig Berg & Ed "I Can Do Hand Motions But I Can't Remember the Game" Rozmiarek
  • speaking of the Rozmiarek clan, enjoying them (and John Palaygi) after everyone else had departed
Man, there's so much more than that... stay tuned for all the details!


Anonymous said...

It was great being able to close down Gulf Games with you Sunday, especially since we hadn't gotten to visit much. John was an unexpected bonus. I didn't know that I wanted to spend some extra time with him and now I do!

Of course, there were a lot of things I would have loved to have discussed with you, gaming and otherwise, that I'm remembering now. Oh, well. I was having a hard enough time being coherent on Sunday from the lack of sleep!

I do regret missing your prayer service on Sunday morning. Keep on posting; I really enjoy your blog. If I'd only run into a pastor like you 20 years ago I might have not become so turned off and bored with church.

Anonymous said...


Glad your back, didn't want you to forget what fresno summers are like.


PS. We need to talk about that under 30 pool party you planned.

Gerald McD said...

Enjoyed your Gulf Games report. Sounds really neat. I had just finished reading Ed Rozmiarek's report, also. Sounds like all of you had a good time.

Greg J. Schloesser said...

It was great to have you back with us again, Mark. While you are doing wonderful work in Fresno, I sure wish you were back here in beautiful Tennessee!