Monday, July 10, 2006

Then There's A Pair of Us... But Hush!

Ever have one of those moments when you read something someone else wrote and it's like a flash bulb illuminated the dark corners of your own life? "That's me!" you cry. "I'm not alone!"

Well, with 700+ games in my game room & three different packages on the way, this blog post on Gone Gaming pinned me to the wall.

Does This Copy of Gettysburg Make Me Look Phat?

Pithy quote to wet your appetite:

My lovely wife from the 70's and 80's, Cinthia, the Sicilian one, used to ask me why I never got rid of any clothes. I usually didn't have an answer, but once, during a period where the Survivalists were all the rage and Red Dawn was a hit movie, I pointed out that when the Marxists conquered the weakened and greedy America, we'd have plenty of clothes. So she asked, "Does that goes for the 2,500 albums you have stacked to the rafters too? You want music to listen to between mortar rounds?"

Read & enjoy.

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