Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gulf Games 18: Dice Box Of Mystery

Once before (back at the Gulf Games in Orlando in spring 2001 - wow, that was a long time ago) I created a contest - a box full of dice that players had to identify to win fame & semi-fabulous prizes.

I decided to create another version of the Dice Box Of Mystery for Gulf Games 18... players were faced with a clear tackle box with 27 dice. Thanks to an answer sheet with the first letter of each answer in alphabetical order, it wasn't an impossible task.

8 players competed... with the top three scores moving on to the "live" finals during the Saturday night festivities. Craig Berg (21 correct), Ed Rozmiarek (16 correct) and David Vander Ark (also 16 correct) then faced 8 dice projected on the big screen - with 15 seconds or so to identify the dice and write down their answer. David earned a 3-1 win over Craig, while Ed did some impressive charades and moaning (in one case, he'd played the game only a week or two before, but couldn't bring it up out of long-term memory).

Here's your chance to play along - the following 11 dice pictures were either answered correctly by only one of the finalists or managed to stump them all. I'll post the answers at the end of the week. (Hey - no fair looking 'em up on the Geek!)


Dean said...

Mark... perhaps call it cheating, or simply being resourceful, when I hover over the pics, I get a link to the page where the pic lives.... consequently, unless you're being tricky, the picture is named after the game.... feel free to edit my comment, to get rid of the spoiler...

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Heck, Dean... I don't have time to edit it. We'll call it a feature rather than a bug. Use Dean's method to get the answers, kids! (Sigh.)