Saturday, September 01, 2007

13 Things

Earl Creps is an interesting guy - and an insightful dude as well. He lives in Springfield, MO, which gives him instant street cred in my life, as my mom & dad met at SMS before it was MSU or even SMSU. He's both a consultant/professor specializing in the emerging church and a dyed-in-wool Assemblies of God guy... which means we speak similar languages but don't necessarily "do church" the same way.

With all that said, he writes a mean blog... and his book, Off-Road Disciplines: Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders, is on my "must-read" list.

So when Earl decides to say nice things about the denomination I grew up & live in, it's a weird & wonderful experience. For all of you "recovering Southern Baptists" (hi, Jim Hancock!), here's an encouraging from Senor Creps: 13 Things I Like About The Southern Baptist Convention.

A short excerpt:
9. Southern Baptists believe in the Bible: they just never let up about this Bible thing. They teach it, preach it, put people in small groups to learn about it together, and put a huge effort into making the scriptures the center of life transformation.

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