Saturday, September 15, 2007

3,285 Days of Gaming

I started tracking what games I played the first week of July 1998... and through the end of 2006, I did it via a spreadsheet in ClarisWorks (which became AppleWorks) that I finally switched over to Excel. Starting in 2007, I began using the tracking system on BoardGameGeek, which has actually made it easier to keep current.

Of course, I had to input all the data I had in my spreadsheet... and over the last 9 months, that's what I've been doing with dribs & drabs of my spare (ha!) time. I just finished this afternoon... 1,227 different games that I played from '98-'06.

I was really curious to see what games I'd played the most... so, here are the top thirty games of the last nine years!
  1. Lost Cities 106
  2. Settlers of Catan, The 96
  3. Carcassonne 89
  4. Can't Stop 87
  5. StreetSoccer 74
  6. TransAmerica 70
  7. Ticket to Ride 66
  8. Loopin' Louie 65
  9. Liar's Dice 64
  10. Fill or Bust 62
  11. Café International 55
  12. Smarty Party! 51
  13. Memoir '44 49
  14. Ra 49
  15. Funny Bunny 46
  16. Web of Power 46
  17. Carabande 44
  18. Skip-bo 43
  19. Maskenball der Käfer 42
  20. Puerto Rico 42
  21. Lord of the Rings 41
  22. Zirkus Flohcati 40
  23. Tally Ho! 40
  24. Jungle Speed 39
  25. Pig Pile 39
  26. Time's Up! 39
  27. Flowerpower 36
  28. Ab die Post 35
  29. Attacke 35
  30. Café International - Das Kartenspiel 35
  • I was surprised that only two true kid's games got in there (Funny Bunny & Maskenball der Kafer).
  • If you eliminate the games that appear because of online gaming, Setttlers is #1 by a wide margin... and I haven't played much of it in the last couple of years. (Man, I miss Catan... but more on that in another post.)
  • Loopin' Louie is tracked by sessions, not games... I'd be at least double the number if I tracked individual games by "tournament" rules.
If you'd like to check out my collection, you can look me up on the Geek under the username gamemark... or click on the whole list to see all the games in playing order.


nashbabe said...

That, my friends, is a super nerdy thing to do. I like nerds.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Nashbabe: "I like nerds."

You, my friend, have come to the right place.