Friday, September 14, 2007

Losing My Marbles

alternate post title: Mitigated Gall

Within six hours (or so), I'll be one organ lighter... I'm having my gall bladder removed today. It's laprascopic surgery (meaning they don't have to cut me open stem to stern); instead, they poke 4 holes in me & and blow up my abdomen like a balloon.

Either way, it'll be nice to finally have a relief to the painful gall stone episodes.

Prayers are greatly appreciated.


nashbabe said...

Be healed. Kermit the Civic is just under 200,000 miles now.

Ed Rozmiarek said...

Good luck and best wishes on a speedy recovery.

ironcates said...

Get well soon!

huzonfirst said...

Lordy, Mark, when I saw the title, I thought you were undergoing a different (and far more traumatic) type of surgery. Whew!

The gall bladder's no sweat. You won't miss it. Glad to hear it all went okay.