Thursday, April 20, 2023

Soundtrack of My Life (Redux)

On occasion, I write about music... granted, I'm not a music critic. My tastes are a little weird, especially when you factor in an abnormal attraction to synth-based rock'n'roll.

I originally did this Soundtrack of My Life list(s) back in 2007... perhaps 16 years is enough time for a new crack at them. In some cases, artists & albums have been downgraded to a 'lower' list... or disappeared altogether. In other cases, it's somebody new & wonderful I've fallen in love over the last few years. And, to include some more artists, I've added a new list at the end.

Here's my top 10 albums of all time in no particular order (plus 10 that just missed the cut). Note: I didn't include greatest hits collections, cuz that would be cheating... and this is one of those "as of today" kind of lists.
  • Squint (Steve Taylor)
  • Live (Common Hymnal)
  • Behold the Lamb of God (Andrew Peterson)
  • Stop Making Sense (The Talking Heads)
  • Romeo Unchained (Tonio K)
  • Out of the Blue (Electric Light Orchestra)
  • The World As Best I Remember It - Volume One (Rich Mullins)
  • Under a Blood Red Sky (U2)
  • Russ Taff (Russ Taff)
  • The Secret of Time (Charlie Peacock)
Just missed the cut:
  • Jesus Freak (DC Talk)
  • One Way Home (The Hooters)
  • Just Like Real Life (Prodigal)
  • Turn of a Friendly Card (Alan Parsons Project)
  • Where the Light Shines Through (Switchfoot)
  • Lament (Resurrection Band with Glenn Kaiser)
  • Sticks & Stones (the 77's)
  • Scenic Routes (The Lost Dogs with Terry Scott Taylor)
  • 10 Songs (Adam Again)
  • Wonderama (Randy Stonehill)
It occurs to me that I chose almost all of these albums as the "best" of a particular band/artist - and I could well give you a 2nd album for almost all of them.

So I will.
  • Chagall Guevera (Steve Taylor in the band Chagall Guevera)
  • Praise & Protest (Common Hymnal)
  • Light for the Lost Boy (Andrew Peterson)
  • Little Creatures (The Talking Heads)
  • Notes from the Lost Civilization (Tonio K)
  • A New World Record (Electric Light Orchestra)
  • A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band (Rich Mullins)
  • Rattle & Hum (U2)
  • Medals (Russ Taff)
  • Love Life (Charlie Peacock)
Just missed the cut:
  • Free at Last (DC Talk)
  • Nervous Night (The Hooters)
  • Electric Eye (Prodigal)
  • Stereotomy (Alan Parson Project)
  • The Beautiful Letdown (Switchfoot)
  • Sp
  • More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be (the 77's under the band name 7&7 is)
  • Vox Humana (Daniel Amos with Terry Scott Taylor)
  • Homeboys (Adam Again)
  • Love Beyond Reason (Randy Stonehill)
Finally, ten more albums I deeply love...
  • Graceland (Paul Simon)
  • 90125 (Yes)
  • The Turning (Leslie Phillips)
  • There Will Be A Light (Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama)
  • Asia (Asia)
  • Matters of the Heart (Bob Bennett)
  • Prime Mover (Kerry Livgren)
  • Rick Elias & The Confessions (Rick Elias)
  • Woven Cord (Iona)
  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Rick Wakeman)