Thursday, February 15, 2007

Five & Dime 2006: Dimes (10+ Played Games)

Thurn & Taxis18.10%newnewnew
Ticket To Ride14.66%26.26%51.82%new
Geschenkt/No Thanks12.07%14.65%newnew
San Juan12.07%16.67%41.82%new
Settlers of Catan12.07%7.07%10.91%15.79%
10 Days/Europa Tour11.21%7.07%15.45%13.16%
Loopin' Louie10.34%4.55%4.55%6.58%
Can't Stop9.48%4.04%3.64%11.84%
For Sale9.48%15.15%2.73%3.95%
Lost Cities9.48%12.63%10.00%13.16%
Zirkus Flohcati8.62%7.07%4.55%13.16%
Power Grid7.76%8.08%10.91%0.00%
Liar's Dice6.90%7.07%10.00%21.05%
Memoir '446.90%11.11%10.00%new
Ticket To Ride: Europe6.90%8.08%newnew
Tied for the 25th spot: Carcassonne, Hey! That's My Fish!, Mu & Mehr, St. Petersburg & To Court A King.

While there are some interesting games getting a lot of play on some tables (Thurn & Taxis, anyone?!), the most interesting development to me is what three games are NOT here this year: Puerto Rico, Bohnanza & Take 6! Last year I refused to predict about the future fate of Take 6 or Zirkus Flohcati as both games have a history of flirting with appearance on this list - so, I was right in not taking a position. (I'd be a GREAT politician.)

Again, as I predicted, both Diamant & No Thanks! retained their positions in the top 20... I'll go out on a limb & say that No Thanks! will make it another year... but that Diamant will JUST miss making it back. (Even with Incan Gold in print...)

As a Settlers fan, I'm happy to say I was right in predicting that it would hold it's position... and I also called Ticket To Ride correctly (dropping out of first but staying in the top ten.)

Predictions for next year: Battlelore joins the list, Memoir says "bye-bye" (along with TtR:E, Hacienda & Caylus. Thurn & Taxis may or may not drop off - but it'll be close. (See if I'm right in 12 months!)

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