Sunday, February 04, 2007

Of Pizza Box Shaped Games

I'm a big fan of Pizza Box Football, which comes in what looks like a personal pan pizza box for a very hungry individual. It's a great dice-based football game which uses some pretty straightforward systems to allow offense & defense to call plays & run a game in about an hour.

This is the second year they've hosted their Predict the Winner of the Big Game promotion (yep, they've read up on the bully that is the NFL)... they web-published team cards for Indy & Chicago a couple of weeks ago and invited people who owned Pizza Box Football to play with the teams and see who won.

Scores & other details were reported via their website... and this morning they issued their prediction after compiling hundreds of results:
  • 67% of the games were won by Indy
  • average Indy score: 28
  • average Chicago score: 21
  • Indianapolis won 91% of games where they scoredat least 23
  • Chicago won 92% of games where they held Indianapolis below 23
  • Pizza Box Football line: Indy by 7
  • Score prediction: Indy 33, Chicago 20

BTW, they were right on last year.

Richard & I played Monday night, with Richard coaching Indy to a 43-28 win. Sigh. (I still have not beat Richard at Pizza Box Football. Grrr.)

Final note: the basic game is fun... but the expansion is pretty much necessary if you really want a full-bodied football experience. (More plays, actual teams to play with, etc...)

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