Saturday, February 10, 2007

Post #300: Jackson Men Look Good In Cowboy Hats

Most recently, Collin (who's a couple of months from turning two) showed off his cowboy style, along with his patented "ain't I pitiful? you should spoil me" look.

Braeden was a month or two younger than Collin back in 2003 when this picture was taken at a children's museum - OK, it's a sombero, not a cowboy hat, but he looks good in it.

Finally, set the wayback machine for 1967, when my cousin Kevin & I both sported cowboy apparel. (I'm the smaller guy... and I'm still smaller than Kevin. Substantially so. Of course, he's a
college basketball coach, so go figure.)


Anonymous said...

Here is yet even more proof that y'all belong in Texas!

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Remember, I married a Texan... which makes both of the boys part-Texan.

I, OTOH, am a West Coast kid. Which should be obvious if you've seen me in a cowboy hat as an adult. (Ever seen Buckaroo Banzai? I am the New Jersey Kid.)