Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

Father's Day was "Star Wars" day at the Jackson house, as my Father's Day gifts included a variety of Star Wars-related stuff (Attacktix, Legos, DVDs)... and the gift of going to see Episode 3 in the theater. (By myself... Shari couldn't care less about seeing Star Wars.) Here's just a quick list of random impressions:
  • the special effects are amazing
  • Hayden C. (Anakin) actually didn't irritate me as much as he did in Attack of the Clones
  • it's a near impossible task to make a "connecting" movie, but George Lucas managed to pull it off with style
  • as usual, the philosophy/theology behind the films is a mixed bag... what with quotes like "only Sith believe in absolutes" - sigh
  • it made me want to go home and watch the original films again
For two more thoughtful takes on Revenge of the Sith by two Star Wars-loving friends of mine, check out Zion Red's Head (Paul Durham) and Theology Journal (Scott Rushing). There's also two very good articles on Get Religion: Star Culture Wars and Star Wars "R" Us?

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