Friday, March 31, 2006

Come Back To The One Hundred, Blog Reader, Blog Reader

Remember back in November when I started blogging The One Hundred (thanks to the studly number-crunching of Stephen "You Must Be An Idiot" Glenn)? Well, some 200 games later (I'll explain the number in a minute)... it's finally done.

You see, The One Hundred was/is a list of the favorite games of 65 "serious" gamers. You can learn more about The One Hundred by visiting the following links: as well as the various "recap" lengths listed on the sidebar of The One Hundred blog.

Now, to explain the extra 100 games... I then decided to list my own "personal" The One Hundred, which was finally finished in the last week. The "recaps" for my list are also available on the sidebar of The One Hundred Blog under the heading "Mark's One Hundred".

Some suggestions:
  • If you've got loads of the time, the best way to enjoy the blog is to start reading at the beginning and work your way forward.
  • Since very few of us have that kind of time, use the recaps to look at 10 or so games at a time.
And a final note: somehow, The One Hundred was chosen as's "Blog of Note" for last Tuesday. This meant increased traffic, with lots of folks who are very interested in the games... and lots of spam comments to go with it. Sigh.

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