Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dogbert, Who Should Win "American Inventor" Hands Down

Dogbert may well have advanced the cause of psychology light years forward - putting him with such notables as Freud, Jung, & Homer J. Simpson. (Pithy quote: "Trying is the first step towards failure.")

Can you tell it's been a rough week? :-)

No surprise... this is a Dilbert cartoon.


Anonymous said...

i need to buy me some of that

Gerald McD said...

I read Dilbert every day. I used to work in a large engineering office, and almost every Dilbert cartoon could have originated in that office. Sometimes, the insights of cartoonists amaze me.

One of Freedom said...

I worked in an office where they had just hired a manager to take us into a season of gruelling overnighters. At the same time a Dilbert came out with a manager doing the exact same thing - and he even looked like this new guy! It was scary. Scott Adams is a holy prophet of Industry!

Hope your week gets better.

Scott Rushing said...

Hmmm...bad sign...I found that very funny!