Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pieces of Ate

Had a neat experience last night - I got to take my family to a special pastor's sneak preview of the new VeggieTales film, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

Any long-time Veggie fan (and if you aren't one of those, what rock have you been hiding under?!) knows that the Pirates have a lovely theme song, a pivotal role in the Jonah movie (thanks to winning the Mr. Twisty contest), and even managed to host the Ultimate Silly Song Countdown.

Well, evidently everything we knew about the Pirates is wrong - they're actually cabin boys at the Pieces of Ate Dinner Theater who manage to have a wonderful time-traveling adventure filled with pop references for the parents (Days of Our Lives, the B-52's, etc.) and crazy set pieces involving cheese curls (of course!), pirates & some other stuff I just don't want to give away as spoilers.

We all really enjoyed the movie... Collin was so jazzed about it that he immediately asked if there was another movie after this one. It's so nice to take my kids to a film and not worry that they're going to get a bunch of adult/off-color jokes thrown at them... and, on top of that, to really resonate with the "moral" of the story. (No, the film is not explicitly Christian - I'd liken it to Narnia in the way it tells a story with Christian undertones... but then again, I don't remember any of the Narnia stories featuring remote control "labor-saving devices" or cucumbers who make rollercoaster jokes.)

The release date is January 11th... mark in on your calendars & go see it!

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