Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Operation: Rescue Kit

Braeden got the newest version of Operation for Christmas - Operation: Rescue Kit. (Thanks, Aunt Liz & Uncle Dan!) Unlike some of the themed versions of the game (which are basically the same game as the original one we all played when we were kids only without the escapee from Mad Magazine to operated upon), this uses a computer chip to make the game, well, better.

There are now four different ways to play (all of which involve a timer):
  • the easiest game does not stop your turn when you "nick" the patient - instead, the computer simply docks you some points
  • the next game does lock you out after you "nick" your patient - and if you take too long, you'll have to spend some your precious time giving him oxygen
  • the third game times players on how fast they can remove ALL of the offending organs
  • and the final game randomly chooses a 2nd player as a "specialist" to take over that particular bit of surgery if the active player nicks the patient

Another nice touch - the entire game is packaged in a folding case that looks like a medical kit & is about half the size of the original game.

As well, there are new organs to remove - oops, excuse me. The game calls them "Funatomy." (I had my gall bladder removed last year - and at NO POINT would I call it "funatomy.") Anyhoo - we now have "texters thumb" and "video controller wrist" and a particularly insidious/difficult piece called "belly button fluff." The only classic piece that's gone is the rubber band - instead, you've now got a "twisted knee" piece that must be manipulated down a winding track to a place large enough to remove (near the foot). This is good, as my friends were always having to hunt down a new rubber band for their game.

I've rated this a "6" on Boardgamegeek- though it might well be a "7". It plays cleanly, quickly & the computer chip even keeps score for you. All in all, this is a lesson in how to take an old classic (that wasn't all that classic in terms of game play) and turn it into a very enjoyable little game.

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Dani In NC said...

Thanks for this brief review. Operation was one of those games that I always wanted as a kid but never got. I've purchased some other toys from my childhood for my kids, but they were a bit of a letdown. It sounds like this might be worth the purchase.