Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Vacation Thoughts

Shari & I were able to go to FamilyLife's A Weekend To Remember in Monterey, CA... followed by 2 days in the Bay Area (a gift from the church) while Anna Campbell & the Edgar family took care of our boys. What follows is a mish-mash of thoughts & observations while I'm getting my writing chops back (and digging out from under the "to do" pile in my office):
  • the Hyatt in Monterey is very nice...
  • Alan Hlavka is an amazing speaker/teacher - the other guy was OK but a bit "lounge-singer-ish" for me
  • the conference was very good - Shari & I had (and have) a lot to talk about and work on in our marriage - but I'm VERY glad we had a couple of days after it was done to process & relax. I can't imagine jumping back into "reality" 2-3 hours after finishing such an emotional experience
  • on roughly the same topic - experiences like that (hearing about ways in which marriage can go sadly wrong) make me appreciate my bride even more - I love you, Shari Jo!
  • the macademia-encrusted halibut with tropical salsa at The Fish Hopper (on Cannery Row) was, as always, delicious
  • Gordon Biersch (in downtown San Jose) had great food & lousy service
  • I was in three different game stores during the trip - and didn't buy anything... I think the Web has pretty much killed finding nifty treasures in stores (both because of cost & because stuff is easier to find)
  • That said, Game Kastle in Santa Clara (barely... it's just the other side of 880 from San Jose Airport) has really great (and current!) stock - I ooh'd & aah'd over a 20th Anniversary Axis & Allies copy as well as looked at Zooloretto XXL and the St. Petersburg expansion. The lady in the store (Susan?) was very nice and showed me their large game room... if I lived in the south Bay Area, I'd be over there on a regular basis
  • Our trip was a little like our lives pre-kids... we ate in nice places without leaving a mess, we had deep discussions without being interrupted, we even went & played Ms Pac-Man and pinball...
  • That said, we missed our boys ferociously and were very glad to get home & see them

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