Tuesday, June 02, 2009

On the Fritz

He wished to right the wrongs

He sang religious songs

He kept the private he

Under the lock and key

Heat keeps rising in an age of passion

Shakes a conscience to the core

Stopgap, hand-slap, take a tongue-lashing

My poor soul can't take any more

On the fritz

On the fritz

There he sits

On the fritz

He kept his ego there

It was a sad affair, on the fritz

The inner circle knows

And so the story goes, on the fritz

Airborne rumors chip away the image

But you knew the stakes were high

First they got you thinking you're a prophet

Now they've got you living a lie

So the crowds grew, and their praise did too

And a mailing list sent you money

So they love Jerry Lewis in France

Does that make him funny?

It's too late for apologies when trust has been betrayed

Now victims of your double life are naming names

He kept his ego there

It was a sad affair, on the fritz

The public's had enough

They've come to call your bluff, on the fritz

Small talk breeds where kingdoms come crashing

Rumor conquers where it wills

No one hears you, go ahead and cash in

If you don't die to yourself

pride kills

on the fritz

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