Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Great Growth Barriers Giveaway

Look, I'm not trying to win the "shill of the week" award... but in exchange for your contact info (which will, I warn you, net you a lot of email from Church Leader Insights), you can download one of their growth barrier seminars for free.

Here's his basic idea (which may better explain why I'm recommending these resources):
Wrong Question: How do I get my Church to Grow?

The wrong question in breaking growth barriers is “How do I get my church to grow?” Starting with this question can lead you not only to wrong conclusions but also to dangerous conclusions. Its easy to reach wrong conclusions about church growth when you think that growth is completely dependent on what you do or don’t do. At the same time, asking this question can be dangerous if it leads to extreme examples of trying to grow at any cost. So what’s the right question to ask?

Right Question: What is keeping my Church from Growing?

The right question when it comes to breaking growth barriers is, “What is keeping my church from growing?” Healthy organisms grow. As pastors we must constantly be on the search for the real issue behind a lack of growth. In my study of growing churches, I have identified the nine most common growth barriers but there are indeed many more. Your job is to identify the barriers and work to remove them.
Today is the last day to get the free deal, so head on over.

Here's the link: The Great Growth Barriers Giveaway

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