Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Crackpipe Remote - Fall 2009 Preview

Pretty much every time I post one of these, I get grief from some of you about how much TV I watch. If you feel the need to scold, use the comments.

Otherwise, here's what looks nifty to me this fall on network TV:

  • Heroes - Yes, I was disappointed by about 1/2 of Season 3... but the parts that worked reminded me of the Golden Age of Heroes (which was, sadly, only 3 years ago). Here's hoping that they've got their mojo back - the previews look really good.
  • Lie To Me - I caught up with this one over the summer thanks to Hulu & Netflix... it's kind of like the doctor from "House" (socially abrasive expert) wandered into a crime drama. I don't know that I'll watch it live, but it makes fine Hulu viewing when I'm dealing with insomnia.
  • Chuck - The pleading worked... Chuck will return this spring. Whoo-hoo! Viva BuyMoria!


  • Lost - It won't start until spring, but that doesn't keep me from mentioning the most amazing show on television... and this is the final season.


  • Flash Forward - Looks like Lost, except the island is earth. Could be fascinating or worthless.
  • Survivor: Samoa - It's like high school with less food, bigger personalities & demented physical challenges. I'm addicted.


  • The Amazing Race - the last two seasons have been really good... here's hoping for 3 in a row.
  • NFL football - Is it weird how much I love watching a game I have no real desire to ever play personally?

And a couple of things that are making me cranky when I look at the TV schedule:

  • Jay Leno in prime time? Really? Can you smell the stink of desperation in the network offices that came up with this "let's save $ & deny his services to another network" manuvere?
  • I'm still ticked they blew up "Pushing Daisies"... and instead ABC has something called "Cougar Town" on the air. Blech.


JasonB said...

Yeah, Mark, come on - you have no life! Besides being a pastor, gaming, a wife and kids, all you do is watch TV! You need to get out more! :-)

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Hey, pipe down over there, Jason. I can't hear my TV.

Mark Johnson said...

I'm hoping Cougar Town is ok. I read somewhere that it could end up being a smart show about the tricky business of getting older (esp. for a woman?).

Where's the love for NBC Thursday?! The Office, Parks & Rec, now Community...? I already love the first two, and really hope Chevy Chase gets a chance to shine in Community. Also that show about the three families looks very funny.

Plus there's always Bill Moyers Journal. :-)

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Yeah, Cougar Town -could- be better than I predict. But the name?!

I don't like uncomfortable comedy, so The Office is pretty much wasted on me. It's like E&T.. I can see why someone else might love it, but it doesn't click with me at all.

OTOH, we saw the movie "Dan in Real Life" again the other night & loved it, and it's almost nothing but one big serving of uncomfortable. So, who knows?

I missed mentioning Dollhouse (another show I caught up on thanks to Hulu & Netflix) - the DVD-only episode "Epitaph One" along w/"Spy in the House of Love" are vintage Joss Whedon brilliance. I would also like to catch up w/Fringe, but they just released the DVD set for that on Tuesday.