Monday, February 22, 2010

"Lost" & Found (he he he...)

My personal obsession with "Lost" + one of my favorite blogs + making fun of some of the stupid things we pastor types can pull trying to be culturally relevant = priceless!

With the show in its final season, you’re lost as it were with how to properly judge the quality of a Lost sermon. It’s almost as if you need a Lost sermon scorecard...

  • 8. The sermon compares the island to hell. = +3 points
  • 9. The sermon compares the island to heaven. = +5 points
  • 10. The sermon compares the island to purgatory. = + shout out to the Catholic readers...
  • 32. The “others” are compared to an out of control, power hungry pastoral search committee. = +3 points

Read the whole thing at Stuff Christians Like #714: The Obligatory "Lost" Sermon.

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