Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Is A Busy Month

So far, we've managed to:
  • drive home from our vacation with family on the Oregon Coast, stopping by Prehistoric Gardens, Founders Grove & the Jelly Belly Factory
  • celebrate Braeden's 9th birthday
  • celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary with a 2 night trip to Cambria (mmmm, The Sow's Ear & their wonderful Flower Pot bread)
  • celebrate Father's Day (thanks for the T-shirts from glennz.com, my wonderful sons!)
  • start swim lessons
  • start Vacation Bible School @ NewLife
  • watch a lot of World Cup soccer (Kaka did not deserve a red card, while the USA did not deserve to have a goal taken away while we were being mugged by Slovenian defenders... OTOH, the Italians are in the running for Best Actor honors at the next Academy Awards ceremony)
  • join the beta tester corps at Days of Wonder to play/test the upcoming Memoir '44 Online (it rocks, btw... not sure what details I'm allowed to give but they do have a public forum over on the DoW site)

There's one more special day to go this month... how much fun can we pack into 30 days!?

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