Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Problem With Sorting Kid Games By Age

I've promised a couple of you that I would eventually sort the Kid Games 100 (and other kid games I've reviewed) by appropriate age... but in the process of doing so, I've run into some snags.
  • Most importantly, there is a marked difference between "age at which a child can play the game with a parent/adult" and "age at which a child can play the game with kids his/her own age." For example, my 9 year old son can play a number of games (Thebes, Return of the Heroes, Axis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge, Battlelore) while I'm at the table that he would have a difficult teaching and/or "officiating" with his friends.
  • A similar issue: the intellectual maturity of kids varies wildly - while both my boys seem to have developed reading skills very quickly, some kids don't... and that keeps them from comfortably learning and/or playing certain games.
  • Along the same lines: the emotional maturity of kids also varies - my five year old can make the decisions needed to play Dungeonquest... but he was completely creeped out by his character being bitten by a vampire (for those who don't know the game, it's just a card w/some game effects) and refuses to play again. Other kids we know don't have the ability to play games with hosage without having major breakdowns.

Those three issues are making it tough to know how best to sort the games... I'm thinking that I'll probably make multiple lists, but that's going to delay the project a bit.



GeekInsight said...

I've recently acquired some nephews by marriage. Even though they are all about 7-9 in age, I don't think I would play any "8 and up" game with them. They just aren't that type of kid.

I can see your dilemma.

Kevin E. Schlabach said...

I was just discussing this yesterday... or the reverse of it, when talking about Dweebies!


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