Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Really Dumb Culture Wars

One of the things I love about my closest friends (be they my bride, gamers, pastors or a certain unnamed guy from high school who owned a Capri & dated someone HE named "Bimbo Surfer Chick") is that they can express the things I'm feeling & thinking better than I can (sometimes).

It's the same way I feel about certain bloggers & speakers, which is the reason you see me quote Jon Acuff (Stuff Christians Like), Anne Jackson (Flowerdust.net) and Linda Holmes (MonkeySee)... and the reason my congregation knows about Erwin McManus (Awaken), John Eldredge (Ransomed Heart) and Nelson Searcy (Church Leader Insights).

Of course, the writer who gets my vote for "Most Likely To Say What I Was Thinking With Substantially More Clarity Than I Usually Display" is James Emery White (Church & Culture). His newest blog post entitled "Strippers Go To War" is spot on - read the whole thing, whether you're jaded with the culture wars or the person always leading the charge into the next battle.
I’ll say it again. This is just dumb. They are dumb confrontations, and done in dumb ways. I won’t say they are over dumb things – I am not attempting to promote strip clubs, and if I was starting a school, I doubt I would pick the “demons” as the name of our team.

But it’s still dumb.

Why? Because the actions hold little or no hope for any real or substantive change. Because it brings the worst kind of ridicule on to the Christian faith. Because it does nothing but alienate the people we are most needing to reach for Christ.

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