Monday, October 11, 2010

#87: Oodles

  • designer: Brian Hersch
  • publisher: Milton Bradley
  • date: 1992
  • BoardGameGeek rank/rating: 2033/6.42
  • position on my top 100 in 2005: 30th
  • age: 12+
  • # of players: 3-10
  • print status: very, very OOP
  • cost: used copies are available pretty cheap through BGG &
A trivia game? In your Top One Hundred? Why, yes... cuz this is not the typical trivia game. It's closer to a rotating game show, rife with puns & semi-cryptic clues. Oodles actually rewards Jeopardy-ish "listen CAREFULLY to the question - the clue to the answer is hidden in there!" behavior, which I like. There's no board or dice, so it works great with people sitting around a living room (always a plus with party-type games).

It doesn't hurt that I rock at Oodles. In fact, taking a cue from Frank Branham, I don't play it nearly as much anymore, instead using the equipment to "host" the game for other players.

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